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What exactly is Tridion Experience Manager (XPM)?

In this post in the series I’m going to hopefully answer the question of ‘What is Experience Manager?’. From a high-level perspective, Experience Manager is the in-context** WYSIWYG editor for SDL Tridion managed sites. Rather than using the more traditional forms and fields based approach provided…
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Tridion Experience Manager (XPM) Blog Post Series

I’ve recently worked on a project with a client where the Development team were tasked with implementing Experience Manager (a.k.a. XPM) as part of the Phase 2 requirements. Let me start by saying that I agree 100% with Will Price on this one, that if possible Experience Manager should be…
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Upgrading from SDL DXA 1.7 to 2.0 CTP 2

To explore how easy (or otherwise) moving to the new version of SDL DXA will be once it is production ready, I decided to perform a basic upgrade. In this post, I’ll take an out of the box SDL DXA 1.7 install and upgrade it to SDL DXA 2.0 CTP 2 (using the model service,) and find out what’s involved…
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Why? is probably one of the most important questions in IT. When I’m presented with a project or new customer I always think to myself, why are you doing it? When a new customer approaches us at Stage Two, I think Why us? Once we’ve determine the motivations of the project, and we’ve discussed Stage…
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Content Lifecycle

All too often when working with content management and website creation, we become obsessed with moving forward and creating new features and page types as quickly as possible. Moving forward is, of course, very important and doing so quickly and efficiently is vital to every business. However…
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