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SDL Web Community Gets A Slack Group

Ever since I started working with Tridion back in 2005, the community surrounding the product has always shown a willingness to come together and help each other out. In the early days (for me, at least), this was in the form of the Tridion Forum, where the likes of Nuno, Dominic, Jeremy, Chris, etc…
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Deleting Publications in SDL Tridion (2013+)

In SDL Tridion (especially an implementation that has been running for several months or years) it can be tricky to remove publications from the BluePrint. There are many reason this might happen, including incorrect environment syncronization, BluePrint changes and schema/template linking changes…
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What's New in SDL Web 8.5

SDL released a new on-premise version of SDL Web (formally SDL Tridion) in December 2016. Here's a quick review of main new features. Binary Storage Mechanism For organization that store binaries in SDL Web, database size and maintenance has been a headache. In SDL Web 8.5 binaries can now be stored…
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Remove SDL Web distractions (Part 3): Schema Fields

In this final post in the removing distractions series, I’m going to discuss another way to streamline the editorial experience – by simplifying the (content and metadata) fields that an SDL Web editor is presented with. When an implementation first starts out, (hopefully!) the schemas and fields…
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Remove SDL Web distractions (Part 2): Schemas and Templates

Most of the Tridion implementations that I’ve worked on over the last 11 years have relied on a number of ‘system’ Schemas and Templates. Rather than being used to add and update content on the websites, these items are often used for configuration, data or functionality on the sites. Some examples…
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Remove SDL Web distractions (Part 1): Publications

In this short blog post series I’m going to look in more detail at removing unnecessary distractions from SDL Web editors. This was also second item from my Five things you can do today to help your content editors talk at the 2015 Tridion Developer Summit. SDL Web is an enterprise-scale content…
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