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Why? is probably one of the most important questions in IT. When I’m presented with a project or new customer I always think to myself, why are you doing it? When a new customer approaches us at Stage Two, I think Why us? Once we’ve determine the motivations of the project, and we’ve discussed Stage…
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Content Lifecycle

All too often when working with content management and website creation, we become obsessed with moving forward and creating new features and page types as quickly as possible. Moving forward is, of course, very important and doing so quickly and efficiently is vital to every business. However…
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Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) 2017 Recap

Myself and three of the Stage Two team attended the 2017 Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) in Amsterdam earler this year. In recent times, the Tridion Developer Summit has been held at The Eye. However, this year saw a slight update to the scheduling and hosting, with day 1 being held in the Nemo…
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Choosing an Enterprise Web Content Management System

The process of selecting an enterprise content management system (CMS) is a complex (and long) one. There a lots of important steps and stakeholders. However, there are also lots of roadblocks and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) you’ll need to navigate along the way. From my (10 years of) experience…
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Deleting Publications in SDL Tridion (2013+)

In SDL Tridion (especially an implementation that has been running for several months or years) it can be tricky to remove publications from the BluePrint. There are many reason this might happen, including incorrect environment syncronization, BluePrint changes and schema/template linking changes…
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SDL Web Community Gets A Slack Group

Ever since I started working with Tridion back in 2005, the community surrounding the product has always shown a willingness to come together and help each other out. In the early days (for me, at least), this was in the form of the Tridion Forum, where the likes of Nuno, Dominic, Jeremy, Chris, etc…
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