Combining the Tridion Content Manager and Translation Manager databases to fix the MSDTC error

In my recent 'Ten Tridion Tips' talk at TDS 2019, I discussed a problem where Tridion reports the following error when trying to set up Tridion Translation Manager in the Cloud:

Translation Job id: 2 Translation Job title: 
Copy of Test Translation Component Source 
Publication URI: tcm:0-4-1 Source Publication 
title: 020 Content Master (-)(EN-US)

The partner transaction manager has disabled 
its support for remote/network 
(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004D025)

This problem is caused because Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator, which responsible for coordinating transactions that span multiple databases, is not available for AWS RDS or AWS SQL Server databases.

In the TDS talk I suggested that the fix for this is to put the Translation Manager and Content Manager tables in the same database. This involves specifying the same connection credentials for the Translation Manager database as the Content Manager database when prompted in the Tridion installer.

However, despite giving this talk in only November, I encountered the MSDTC error again earlier this month when trying to outscale the Translation Manager Service (to also run on my client's Publisher servers). After trebble cheking the connection details using SQL Server Management Studio, I decided to open the Trdiion MMC snap-in to compare the connection details:

Screenshot of Tridion Translation Manager database credentials compared with MMC Snap-in

It was there that I noticed that the SQL Server machine name specified for the Content Manager was using a fully qualified server name (e.g., whereas I was only specifying the basic server name (e.g. sql-qa01) in the Translation Manager connection.

I'm pleased to say that after updating the SQL Server machine name in the TransactionManager.xml file and restarting the SDL Web Translation Manager Windows Service that the error went away and Translation Manager was able to update the status of the translation jobs as expected.

As mentioned during my TDS talk, the connection details need to be identical!