Five things you can do today to help your content editors

As mentioned in my earlier blog posts, I am passionate about making the lives of Tridion content editors as easy as possible when working within the Tridion Content Management System.

Although there are lots of very interesting developments going on around the SDL Tridion platform at the moment (Alchemy, SDL Web 8, DXA, etc.), my lightning talk at the recent Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) in Amsterdam was titled "Five things you can do today to help your content editors", and focussed on some 'quick wins' that can be used to improve the lives your content editors.

I may go in to more details in future about each of the five things, but here are the five things that I covered:

  1. Set up Tridion rights correctly
  2. Remove unnecessary distractions
  3. Provide real, in-context, self-documenting examples
  4. Set up bookmarklets
  5. Explain why!

Here are my slides from the talk:

Hopefully Robert will post the video from my lightning talk on the TDS website soon so I can add a link here.

If you have any specific questions relating to my talk then feel free to contact me directly.