SDL Web Community Gets A Slack Group

Ever since I started working with Tridion back in 2005, the community surrounding the product has always shown a willingness to come together and help each other out.

In the early days (for me, at least), this was in the form of the Tridion Forum, where the likes of Nuno, Dominic, Jeremy, Chris, etc. would answer questions and join in on discussions about implementing and improving the product.

Then there was a new kid on the block - Stack Exchange. Stage Two’s Co-founder, Dave Houlker, saw many of the frustrations with the old Tridion Forums and the opportunities offered by using the Stack Exchange Q&A platform and proposed a Tridion Stack Exchange site on Area 51.

This quickly gained support and, although remaining a relatively small Stack Exchange site, has, as mentioned on the Stack Exchange Podcast by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood ( Episode 46 at 5 minutes in), got a very dedicated following.

However, the Stack Exchange site has a very focussed purpose - the asking and answering of specific questions about the product. This then left a gap, when the old Tridion Forums were retired - a place for the Tridion Community to casually discuss the product and related subjects. I'm pleased to say that we now have a solution to fill this gap - The SDL Web Community Slack group.

For those who haven't already used Slack, it is a collaboration tool where topics are separated into ‘channels’. This is really useful, as it allows users to only subscribe to channels that interest them. Some examples of channels currently the new Community Slack group include:

  • general - a place for basic chat about the product, pleasantries and some banter.
  • dd4t - a channel to discuss all things related to DD4T
  • tds2017 - conversions about the upcoming Tridion Developer Summit

You can get access to the Slack group by completing the following Google form

I look forward to seeing you there!