Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) 2017 Recap

Myself and three of the Stage Two team attended the 2017 Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) in Amsterdam earler this year.

In recent times, the Tridion Developer Summit has been held at The Eye. However, this year saw a slight update to the scheduling and hosting, with day 1 being held in the Nemo Science Museum and day 2 back in Undercurrent - the home of the first TDS event back in 2014.

The sun shone on day 1 - providing event attendees the opportunity (the motivation was never lacking!) to grab a quick beer on the rooftop terrace of Nemo.

Mark Cooper and Ryan Durkin enjoying the sunshine during a break at the Tridion Developer Summit

Some other highlights from day 1 included an interesting talk from James Scott about a content review tool that he and his team have developed at Unilever and a really informative talk from Rogier Oudshoorn about upgrading an existing client from DD4T 1 to DD4T 2 in Java.

As mentioned, day 2 saw the event back in Undercurrent. This is a slightly less formal venue than both The Eye and Nemo Science Museum, which seems to be a good fit for the technical audience. It is also lighter and more airy than the other two locations, which helps to keep the crowd awake after partying the night before!

My particular highlights from day 2 included Nuno & Julian’s talk on serverless architectures and Chris & Justin’s presentation about improving the editorial experience at Yale School of Medicine.

I also had the opportunity to present a lightning talk, covering my experiences configuring Topology Manager with some very specific client constraints. The video is available on the TDS Vimeo channel and here are my presentation slides: TDS2017 - SDL Web 8.1 in Production.pdf (2.2MB).

If you have any questions regarding my presentation, or would like to discuss your implementation requirements or issues relating to Topology Manager and the SDL Web Microservices then please feel free to contact me at

Once again, Robert Curlette did an excellent job organising and running the event and Stage Two were happy to support as Gold sponsors.